Welcome to Port Bean!

Hi, I’m Mark, the new Owner of Port Bean!

Port Bean offers a variety of gourmet coffees, fresh sandwiches, soups and salads, and oh, by the way, our breakfast sandwiches, with bacon, ham or sausage are the best– so we’ve been told (and we’re selling ‘em like crazy, woohoo!). So stop by anytime we’re open 7 to 7, every day!

Also, if you’re an office manager or administrative assistant and you just got a note for a lunch meeting asap from the boss, and not sure how you’ll finish her presentation revisions AND pick up lunch for 15 staff members along with the new client and his assistant who can’t eat anchovies or he’ll break out in hives…well, we have Business Catering platters that we’ll deliver for free, right to your conference room door! How’s that sound?

So, this is our first summer, come visit and tell us what you think. Anything missing you would like us to make for you? What was extra yummy, and what might we need to improve on (or completely throw off the menu!). We are wide open and would welcome your feedback!

Cheers! Mark

Gift Cards are now available!

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